Learn how to pipe a deliciously delightful buttercream flower cake! In this online course you will learn how to color, pipe and arrange this stunning wreath cake. Each apple blossom and leaf is hand-piped, full of detail and unique in character. It will be the perfect cake to make for any occasion!

In this class you will learn how to:

- Use a variety tools specific to making this design

- Create various shades of pinks and greens

- Properly assemble and fill a piping bag

- Pipe apple blossoms and buds on a flower nail

- Create variegated leaves on parchment paper

- Combine all the piped elements to create a delightful wreath

The class is filled with over 2 hours of instruction and everything is pre-recorded so you can learn at your own pace. You will also get unlimited access to it so you can watch whenever you have time and revisit it as many times as you need. 

Join now to create this beautiful blossoming cake with me!

(This is a project-based class focused only on decorating techniques. You will have to prepare a layered and crumb coated cake for the class as well as a batch of buttercream. You may use any cake and buttercream recipe you wish. If you are interested in my recipes, please visit my Recipes course and if you need help building your layered cake please visit my Cake Construction course.)

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome!
    • Let's Begin!
  • 2
    Pre-Class Prep
    • Cake and Buttercream
    • Other Helpful Courses
  • 3
    • Tool List
    • Tools
  • 4
    • What You'll Need & Color Mix Guide
    • Color Intro
    • Off-White, Light Pink & Dark Pink
    • Yellow, Light Green & Dark Green
    • Brown & Copper
    • Base Green
    • Color Recap
  • 5
    Piping Bag Assembly
    • What You'll Need
    • Piping Bag Assembly Intro
    • Preparing the Bags
    • Filling the Bags
  • 6
    Apple Blossoms and Buds
    • What You'll Need
    • Apple Blossom Intro
    • Small Apple Blossom (White)
    • Medium Apple Blossom (White)
    • Large Apple Blossom (White)
    • Apple Blossom Buds (White)
    • Light Pink Blossoms
    • Dark Pink Blossoms
    • Flower Recap
  • 7
    • What You'll Need
    • Leaves Intro
    • Variegating Buttercream
    • Piping Leaves
  • 8
    Cake Coating
    • What You'll Need
    • Cake Coating Intro
    • Applying a Final Coat
  • 9
    • What You'll Need
    • Arrangement Intro
    • Arranging Leaves
    • Arranging Blossoms
    • Finishing Touches
    • Cake Overview
  • 10
    • Class Recap
    • Show Off Your Cake!
    • Other Courses You May Enjoy
    • Thank You!


  • Pre-Recorded Videos

    Piping is a visually dimensional skill. To best experience this art form, this class is taught through a series of videos. This will help communicate the angles, speed and pressure necessary to create this design.

  • Self-paced Learning

    Everyone has different levels of experience and comfort when it comes to piping, so being able to absorb information at your own pace is important to learning well. Review tutorials and watch videos as many times as you want, at the speed you want, across all devices.

  • Facebook Group Community

    Every class has built-in discussion capabilities, making it easy to interact with the instructor and fellow students. Ask questions, share ideas and inspire one another as you take this course


  • Liz Shim

    Liz Shim

    Liz Shim, owner and head designer of Eat Cake Be Merry, discovered that she loved creating edible art when she was first taught how to make sugar flowers as a teenager. She was absolutely amazed at how a simple piece of gumpaste can be transformed into a beautiful rose. After graduating from the University of Michigan, Liz moved to San Francisco where she attended the California Culinary Academy. There she cultivated her passion for cakes and graduated the LeCordon Bleu program with highest honors in baking and pastry arts. Then, she flew across the country to New York City to hone her skills with some of the finest cake designers in the industry. In 2009, Liz started Eat Cake Be Merry and spent a decade making custom cakes for NYC clients. In 2019, Eat Cake Be Merry relocated to Houston, TX. Liz has appeared on television shows, has her works published in books and has been featured in numerous nationwide magazines such as People, Money, Brides, The Knot and Better Home and Gardens. She has been named one of Martha Stewart's Top Pastry Pros in America and has been awarded multiple times for the Best Wedding Cakes in America by Brides Magazine, as well as Best of Weddings by The Knot. She is also the instructor of three online Craftsy classes and teaches workshops worldwide.